Final Edit of The One That Got Away

Above is our final edit of our movie The One That Got Away. In this Edit we listened to our feedback from the last edit and decided to re-shoot some scenes which were either blurry or scenes that the camera was a bit unbalanced. In this re-shoot I played a major role of being the cinematographer, and Sophia played a major role of editing the video again and Kasia played a minor yet still an important role of directing people on what to do and Vedanssh played a character ( the bartender). We re-shot this on a Sunday evening and after a lot of convincing we manged to get the original people who were involved to come for the re-shoot.  For this edit we used Sophia’s iphone 6 for the filming as well as my samsung galaxy 6 edge phone from the last shoot, a tripod, two LED lights and also a clipper to hold the phone on the tripod. We used lights as last time the lighting on phones wasn’t the best as we couldn’t see the actors and actresses face and we used Sophia’s phone for better quality.  After myslef and Sophia had a discussion with Miss Tatlow we edited the names on the film to make it look more Film Noir and we picked out a font that we all agreed on. Overall we did try our best and we enjoyed the process and the filming of this.


Evaluation Pt.7


In this evaluation video I decided to ask people in our group what they have learned from our Prelim task and the progressions they have made through this to our actual production film. I then decided to write down a little script of what my group has said and myself. Unfortunately Kasia was unable to give me anything she has learned and also did not come to the filming due to other commitments.  We filmed in one of the classrooms during a clinic time and we filmed on my phone and Grace (a friend of mine) filmed us we also then uploaded it to our YouTube channel. We did this so we can realise how much progress we have made and how much we have learned since our prelim task. Overall I feel that I have learned so much since our Prelim task and this has been mentioned in the video. As well as what I have mentioned in the video I have noticed my cinematography has improved a lot and I think this is due to doing a lot more preparation such as making a more informative shot list and storyboard. We also got more prepared with Mise en scene things such as Props because in the prelim we did not have the right props and improvised, we also got more prepared with costume because if you look back at our prelim we were all in school uniform whereas in our final edit you can see that we have took into consideration what people from the 1940’s/50’s wore and tried to re-create that.





Pt 2 Directors Commentry

Above is a directors commentary  that I uploaded onto YouTube. In it it shows what I have done to outline the representation of social groups in my filming, in this I talk about the cinematography and how it shows the characters and what they are like, I also talk about the music and how it adds to the mood of the film opening. I did this directors commentary through iMovie adding my voice over the top of the film so you can see specific points I was talking about. I did it for the audience’s purpose to show them the aim of social groups we were trying to represent and how we tried to show it either through camera shots such as high and low angles as well as the sound which played throughout the opening. Doing this also helped me as I am more aware of what Myself and the groups aim for social groups was and we wanted to show it as much of it as possible and we did.



pt.5 Annotation of the film opening

Above is my annotation on the film opening that shows how I attracted/address my  audience. In this I annotated how different things such as camerawork(cinematography),lighting and costume helps attract my target audience. The annotations are dotted around in corners around the frames. I annotated through YouTube through the end screens and annotations button and pressed annotation adding in the notes through out the opening of the filming. I annotated my opening because it gave me reassurance that I was keeping the audience view in my head at all times whilst filming this.

Below are screenshots of the annotations…

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Audience Feedback

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Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 19.37.17Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 19.37.28

Above is my Audience feedback and the statistics from my final film product. The first thing I would like to mention about is my Statistics from my film that I got off of the groups YouTube Channel. As you can see my video has been viewed 37 times and a totally of 65 minutes. This tells me some people have watched it all but others haven’t however I feel a variety of things could have stopped people watching all of it for example myself I have only been watching snippets of it for other tasks.

Further down you can see which countries have watched overall a majority of people watching it were from the UK with 88% and other countries including Spain with 7.9%, New Zealand with 3.6% Hungary with 0.6% and also Germany. Although I can not see Gender I did get feedback from the age range of 16+ which you also see above in the slideshow. You can see that the majority of how people viewed this was through an External link this was most likely from when I sent it to people through Facebook Messengers.

Overall I feel that my Feedback which i got of Facebook was Positive and I also got a few tips for next time I film verbally. Also some feedback I got was how they liked the cinematography such as the panning and the high and low angles involved as well as Mise-en scene such as where it was set and also how the costume and make-up fit into the genre as well as the editing and the sound.  With the tips I got I know how to improve the film through editing and different camera shots as well as how important lighting and sound is to a film. The audience feedback has helped me on future filming and I know what to improve on in future filming. As you can see I have marked out names for privacy reasons.

Evaluation Pt6

The question for this task was “What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?”

Above is a Powtoon animation I made on http://www.powtoon.com  In it is shows some things I have learned  about technology in my year of AS. I made this to show some of the experience I have gained from the use of technology throughout my AS year. A lot of the skills I will forever use through out the rest of my life.

However I didn’t mention all my skills that I have learned so below is a list of more skills that I learned that I did not mention in my video: 

*learning how to use a mobile phone camera and finding which lighting and which angles work best for the phone and also for my film

*using Powtoon to create a new and a slightly different yet effective video

*using Prezi to show my information/Research and panning easily and in an entertaining yet informative way

*using Outlook Powerpoint to show my information in a different way from Prezi

*using social media such as Facebook to get some feedback on my film (which was very useful as If there was something that they think should be changed I took it into consideration and changed it with Sophia.)

As well as that I also learned how to: 

*use IMovie and within it how to edit and put in sound and videos as well as SFX (However I have to admit Sophia does a great job in our group doing it)

*Use YouTube as a social media platform and a place to publish my videos from the tasks we had done

*Use Pearl and Dean for audience research and profiling and also using UK Tribes to find my perfect audience member and what they would be into and if it does fit the category of my film that I was looking for

*Use my WordPress blog to post blog updates, and add pictures and videos as well as slideshows. This was one of the most difficult things for me to work out as I have never blogged before and was very new to the concept of it however after a few blog posts I started getting the idea of it and have had a lot of fun doing them

iMovie Logo

Evaluation pt4

In this post i will talk about my perfect audience member and their background, what they like,what music they like to listen to, what TV things they like to watch and what films they would go and see. To create this i looked at the sites http://www.uktribes.com and below is the outcome.

After looking through the uk tribe website i decided that my Perfect Audience member would be in MainstreamTribe and more Townies this is what the definition on Townies is exact from the website:

Townies: Always there at the bottom of the influence pyramid, the Townies are an entry-level Tribe, open to all that want to play…Townies are as Mainstream as you can get – high street fashion, pop chart music, Saturday night TV and a night on the town and they don’t want to stand out. Townies are among the most resilient of Tribes, proud to be ‘normal’ in a world of change. They want to stay local and live for the weekend, shun adventure and enjoy  comforts – topped off with a big annual holiday with mates!

This is the closet tribe relation i could get to my perfect audience member as i would like my perfect audience member to do ordinary things and i also want them to be late teens right through to people in their 60’s (as they were teens when film noir was huge and they might like to watch it to remind them of it).

below is a slideshow i put together about my perfect audience member.

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